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How It Works

Imagine yourself sitting around the dinner table with your family or watching TV, when suddenly, the power goes out. That storm that’s been knocking on your door for the last two hours has finally cut your utility power and left you stranded in the dark.

For those without a standby generator, a night of blindly looking for flashlights and candles begins. However, for the ones smart enough to invest in a generator, a night of relaxation and comfort continues as if nothing had happened.

When utility power is lost, your generator will sense the problem, and within seconds, restore your home’s power. If you’re away when the power goes out, and worried about your alarm system turning off or food spoiling in the fridge, don’t be. Your standby generator automatically restores your homes power, saving you money by preserving your food and peace of mind by maintaining security.

Below is a diagram showing you how your Guardian Home Standby Generator works. If you have an issue with your generator, give us a call, we’d love to help.

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